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Russian T-90s in open battle destroyed up to 20 Turkish M60 tanks

Turkish M60 tanks suffered a catastrophic defeat in Syria.

Despite the fact that Ankara officially announced the complete superiority of its M60 tanks over Russian T-90 tanks, it became known that the Turkish military could lose up to 20 of its combat vehicles in Syria, which in open battle almost completely lost to Russian tanks T-90A, which is in service with the SAA, as evidenced by numerous photographs of battered Turkish heavily armored vehicles.

In the photographs presented, you can see a significant number of tanks lost by Turkey last year in Syria. Some of the combat vehicles were destroyed by the attacks of the SAA even before the latter entered the battle, however, in battle, the M60 tanks proved to be no better - the heavy T-90s staged a complete defeat for the latter.

According to analysts, on the territory of Syria, the Turkish army and jihadists controlled by Turkey could lose up to 40% of the tanks transferred here, moreover, most of the losses occurred in the very first days - Ankara intended to arrange a blitzkrieg, however, Russian armored vehicles turned out to be much more powerful and successfully shot Turkish tanks before the latter could come within shot range or detect enemy forces. According to preliminary estimates, Turkey could lose up to 20 tanks in a few months in Syria.

One of the key reasons for the significant losses is the weak armor of Turkish tanks and some vulnerabilities, which the Syrian military took advantage of.

“The conclusion made by expert Andrew Chuter in The National Interest, when he spoke about the effectiveness of the active protection system (APS) on the Turkish M60TM when operating on the Syrian battlefield in 2020, suggests significant losses of Turkish equipment. In the city of Kansafra, in Jabal Al-Zawiya, Idlib region, the number of Turkish M60TM tanks destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was nearly two dozen. In all cases of the destruction of tanks in Syria, it was proved that the APS system did not work, although the vehicle was in operation, the armor was easily penetrated. "- it is said in the material of the publication "DatViet".

It should be noted that Turkey categorically denies the serious losses of its armored vehicles in Syria, however, the published photo and video materials indicate the opposite.

Никто и не делают! Турки говорят, что их танки лучшие...
Хотя по мне было бы лучше, если они на танковый биатлон приедут и покажут...

Yes, not how much

And what's funny? They want to revive the Ottoman Empire with such tanks, let them further modernize

Why didn't they write how many T90s were destroyed? It would be interesting to compare.

This is not m-60, this is sabra mk2 turkish deep modernization

Do the Turks have other tanks besides the M60? If there is, let them supply, let's see what happens to their best tanks. If that is what Russia is able to do so this is a weapon.

We gave them T90 tanks or did they buy them from us ?!

Why not 70 - I want it to be 70))))

Maybe I misunderstood something, but it is obvious that albeit a modification, but the m60 tank has long been outdated. And, accordingly, it is not surprising that the T90 shot them. Between the T90 of the earliest version and the M60 of the Turkish version, there is at least 20 years of difference. And making such articles about the heroic victory of T90 over M60 is ridiculous

ha! stupidly surprising news! I do not understand at all - but what - WAITING FOR ANOTHER VARIANT OF EVENTS? The T-90 will win a duel against such outdated machines anyway! Anyway!

Lost to Russian T-90A tanks. Fine. May it always be so.

Well done, our tank designers. Let the best tanks continue to be made. Once they are bought, then they are in demand. Our designers are honored and respected.

Until you visit the real picture and the truth will not be. The dispute is about photographs and this is not about anything

just a lie. no one used the T90 in Ukraine. Did it seem frightened?

According to official information, it was delivered to Syria before the battalion of T-90 tanks of the early series. Unofficially, they talk about a much larger number.
The latest modifications of the T-90 were not supplied to the SAR army. But they are also present there and are used to guard our facilities in Syria under the control of Russian crews.

This is not Magah, although an Israeli modernization of the Turkish M-60. This is Sabra and its development. And there is not a word about the supply of T-80s to Syria anywhere in the open press. But the T-90A is definitely there. Teach materiel to a young man and do not scatter categorical statements here. Best wishes!

what are you talking about! All Marax are Israel, and all up to 6 models are M48 modifications, not M60. Where are they from in Turkey?

this is magicians 1

Another lie. T90, except for Ukraine, was not particularly used anywhere. In Syria, mainly T72 and T80. And the tanks shown in the image are not M60, but Magah 3 or 4, but still based on M60.


Lying and fooling people is not good!

Turkey went to war with Syria even before Russia introduced the Air Force to Syria in 2015.

The photo is mostly Leopards and talking about the M60.

M60 ancient dinosaur, the same age as T54

The tiger in the battle with the T-62 is doomed, if only not from around the corner. You probably played with numbers. T-26, T-62 ... 45 mm gun or 115 mm smoothbore. There is a difference?

HA, I can draw in Photoshop too. Good bulletins - you can't take away from us, it's a habit already)

no surprise, the M60 is a tank of the 50s of the last century, any modern tanks will destroy it without any problems. It's like the T-62 would go into battle with the German Tigers.

Yes, quite a while already, they want to use someone else's oil for free.

someone has strong armor and tanks are very fast ... but not the Turks!

We are not talking about the country of the manufacturer of the equipment, but the country of the operator. The tanks belong to the Turkish army.

If that ... Tank M60 is not Turkish, but made in USA. Over the years, M60 tanks were in service with: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Iran, Spain, Yemen, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, USA, Thailand , Taiwan, Tunisia and Turkey.

And when did Turkey start fighting with Syria?