Russian tanks in Crimea had to be protected with special structures from attacks by Ukrainian UAVs

They decided to protect Russian tanks from attacks by Ukrainian drones.

During military exercises on the territory of Crimea, it was discovered that Russian tanks are equipped with special protective structures that are designed to protect heavy armored vehicles from drone strikes. According to Defense Express, the appearance of protective structures on Russian tanks is due to the adoption of Turkish attack drones by Ukraine.

“The Russian Army is methodically working to provide the combat formations of its troops with effective air defense systems that can engage enemy UAVs. Here we are talking, in particular, about our Bayraktar TB2. Here we mean the example, when the tankers of the army corps of the coastal defense of the Black Sea Fleet in July 2021 "distinguished themselves" by welding on the roofs of their T-72B3 improvised gratings. The purpose of these gratings is to withstand the damaging action of the warheads of Javelin anti-tank missiles and ammunition from the Bayraktar TB2 complex. "- сообщает Ukrainian edition of "Defense Express"

In turn, the arguments of the Ukrainian media are very subjective, since the likelihood that a Ukrainian drone will be able to enter Russian airspace is already very small, and in the event of real hostilities, such aircraft will be actively suppressed and knocked down even on approach or even during takeoff. from a military base.

“The fact that Ukraine has noticed the gratings on Russian tanks does not mean that the Russian side is afraid of Ukrainian drones. Rather, it is a standard practice that allows you to practice actions in the event of the use of drones and anti-tank missile systems by the enemy. ", - notes the specialist

According to media reports, "The Ukrainian military is rubbing Bayraktar drones with lard for better gliding in the atmosphere ..."

Once again, I notice outright nonsense and nonsense on this resource. Which is passed off as news. Apparently the children write the news. With regards to the structures on the turrets of the tanks, taking part in the exercises. This is protection, but not from drones, but he is 3 generations of pturov, who, before the strike, make a slide and drink in the most weakly protected place, namely the tower. And 5-7 drones, there will be no benefit, their front-line aviation knocks down in the first minutes of their appearance over the battlefield. Or they will cover the control places

-what's this?
-photon reflector comrade warrant officer!
-Why is it not painted ?!

"Such aircraft will be actively suppressed and knocked down even on approach or even during takeoff from a military base."
It is easier to destroy bases, the coordinates of which are sure to be known.

During the Second World War, there was a simple anti-tank protection - steel hedgehogs that did not allow the advance! And if this simple solution will preserve the integrity of the tank! then the cost of buying a drone will be in vain!

There is a film that completely hides any object and merges with the terrain. No money to make it?

Self-welded fittings are now called: "... special designs ..." I beg you ..!



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