Russian Tu-22M3 again arrived in Syria to demoralize British aircraft carrier

Russian Tu-22M3 bombers deployed to Syria again

Several hours ago, in the skies over the Syrian province of Latakia, Russian long-range Tu-22M3 bombers were spotted, which were deployed to Syria for the second time in the last month. According to preliminary information, Russian Tu-22M3s were sent to the Middle East against the backdrop of the emergence of a NATO aircraft carrier strike group in the eastern Mediterranean.

In the video footage presented, one can see the flight of one long-range bomber over the western part of Syria. The source does not explain exactly how many Russian long-range bombers arrived in Syria, while there are no official comments on this from the Russian defense department either.

Among other things, a little earlier the news agency also reported that two Russian missile cruisers and a missile frigate were following across the NATO aircraft carrier strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, which does not exclude the possibility that jointly with the forces of the Aerospace Forces, Russia is ready to demonstrate to the UK its overwhelming power, not to mention the fact that if NATO ships try to attack Syria and pose a threat to the Russian military, then the entire carrier strike group could be hit.