Russian scientists are developing a system of emergency landing under any terrain

In Russia, are developing a system of landing aircraft under any terrain.

Domestic experts have begun to develop the program, while, according to the official data, the essence of it will boil down to the fact that the pilots of the aircraft, regardless of their type and grade, or the operators of unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to land in conditions virtually any unprepared terrain. As follows from the information provided, the prospect of such a development is obvious, in this case, there is a fairly high probability that it will be possible to implement at the earliest possible time.

Duration of the project so far remain unknown, however, it is clear that with proper funding, the system can start to operate already 2020 year.

This idea was announced at the beginning of the 70s in the "Technology of Youth" magazine. It was proposed to make passenger cabins in the form of insulated containers. The plane will become much more expensive. Most plane crashes happen during takeoff and landing, in these conditions the idea will not work. Therefore, they will not implement it.

Thirty years ago, I came up with an idea similar to this .... shortly it consists in the following: in case of an emergency, wings with fuel tanks and engines are fired and interlocks are blocked and doors closed ... as soon as this happened, the aircraft consistently starting from the rear passenger compartment Including brake parachutes, shoot-pull them away from each other, thanks to the sequential inclusion. The airplane is in the air thanks to the sequential inclusion of parachute torms. Systems breaks up into separate boarding modules with passengers. So the chances of saving people are increasing, because the weight of the landing modules is reduced and there are no need for relatively powerful parachutes. Then - the main landing parachutes ... are switched off at the speeding-down of the speed ... of each cabin separately. And they land independently of each other. Cabin pilots in the first salon.

And just to be attached a parachute to any liners, as falling tanks. The planes are safe and the people are alive. I think the place to find the body of the aircraft. ??!

Yes, in Russia all the same, lutshie planes kotoryz not super batteries are preparing to release in 2050, the super computer, which Kiktev never see, super helicopter destroyer on paper, forgot the layout have now super Original Program for landing aircraft released to 2030 year if the money will give.



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