Syria missile strikes


Russian Aerospace Forces again destroy militants in Syria

According to information provided by the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, an air strike was carried out on terrorist positions near Palmyra.

Aerospace forces carried out an attack on a camouflaged militant base located northeast of Palmyra. Information about the location of the base was provided by intelligence, groups were created in the hideout of terrorists to carry out actions in different regions of Syria, and explosives and weapons were also stored. The military did not disclose details, but they report that the terrorist base was well disguised.

Nevertheless, the data about her fell into the hands of the command, and after the information was confirmed, an order was given to strike. The exact number of aircraft participating in the raid is not named, but the result of the strike is reported - up to 200 militants were destroyed, 24 vehicles equipped with large-caliber machine guns, 2 shelters were destroyed.

Analyzing the force of the explosions, it can be argued that as a result of the airstrike, about 500 kg of explosives detonated.

According to Interfax, militants in the province were preparing for terrorist attacks and a series of attacks on state institutions throughout the country in order to destabilize the situation ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for May this year.

Some countries, such as the United States and Turkey, are not interested in the existence of a peaceful and prosperous Syria, because it will not be possible to pump out oil and other resources from its depths, so we should expect the activation of militants associated with these countries. It is possible that before the elections, the Russian aviation will noticeably increase the workload.