Russian military correspondents report massive shelling of Kremennaya

Kremennaya is under massive shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped a bridgehead in Liman, massive strikes began on the territory of the settlement of Kremennaya, where, according to Russian journalists, a new line of defense was built. At the moment, it is known that the attacks are carried out using cannon artillery, however, Kremennaya is in the affected area and the Himars MLRS located in the Kramatorsk area, as well as the M270 MLRS MLRS located in Izyum.

According to Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use 155-mm NATO artillery, the strikes of which are corrected using Bayraktar TB2 drones. The latter act at a considerable distance, however, they are used exclusively to correct strikes. It is noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cut the Svatovo-Kremennaya highway.

“In the area of ​​Kremennaya, the enemy is shelling with artillery of 155 caliber. Torskoye is now behind the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our artillery is working on positions around it. Such twists of fate, when the battery receives coordinates to fire at the points where they themselves stood just recently. The enemy is using Bayraktars with might and main, but as a reconnaissance drone for target designation to high-precision systems. They try not to enter the air defense coverage area. Now the enemy will most likely concentrate his efforts on cutting off the communication along the highway from Kremennaya to Svatovo with further advance to the north. Enemy DRGs are already on this road. Having cut off Kremennaya from the north, he will probably try to go to her too ”, - reports the Russian war correspondent Alexander Kots.

Taking into account the information voiced by the Russian war correspondent, at the moment the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are only 15 kilometers from Kremennaya.


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