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Russian military blocks new Israeli strikes on Latakia

The Russian military managed to completely block Israeli attacks on the port of Latakia.

After Israeli fighter jets carried out at least two raids on the Syrian port of Latakia in December last year, ostensibly to destroy weapons supplied to Syria, thereby endangering Russian aircraft and the Russian military, it became known that Russian forces in Syria succeeded in completely block Israeli strikes on this region of the Arab Republic. In Israel, they do not hide their indignation at Russia's actions, however, the measure turned out to be extremely effective, since now instead of Syrian air defense systems, Russian air defense systems will repel attacks.

As follows from the materials presented by the Israeli newspaper Debka, Russia has deployed its units in Latakia and the port of this Syrian city, stipulating in advance that they will be here around the clock. This automatically blocked Israeli raids on the region. Now Russian air defense systems will ensure that the Russian military is not threatened by the Israeli Air Force and, more than likely, in the event of an IDF attack, it will no longer be a question of simply intercepting Israeli missiles, since any aggressively tuned aircraft will be amazed when trying to strike at the places of deployment of Russian forces.

“On Wednesday, January 26, the Russian army in Syria deployed Russian military police forces to the port of Latakia in northern Syria. The base of these forces is located in the container zone of the port, from where the forces will make rounds throughout the port. The military police forces of Russia are classified as special forces. With the deployment of Russian special forces in the port of Latakia and the start of joint Russian-Syrian patrol operations along the border with the Golan Heights and in southern Syria, the Russians have completed the establishment of a line of defense against Israeli airstrikes, stretching from the Khmeimim air harbor to the south of the Golan Heights., - reports the publication "Debka".

It is also noteworthy that Russian troops are additionally deployed at the Tiyas airbase, which was also previously attacked by Israeli fighters. This indicates that Russia is serious about preventing Israel from exercising its aggression in Syria.

Now Israel will have to be more careful, the heat of passion is huge, if NATO attacks Russia, of course no one will attack Israel, but ours can recoup their Air Force and not even on purpose, because there are also Turks who are absolutely unpredictable and there will certainly be their provocations and we also need to be on the alert.

It is possible, but not necessary. Yourself will be more expensive.

C300 and C400 are highly effective weapons. It turns into scrap metal, you correctly noted that, the targets are in accordance with the tactical and technical parameters. And they buy them well, unlike the US farts.

interesting, but what do you think is not scrap metal?

These military policemen are human shields. For Israel, killing them like a fly is not a problem, and then they will apologize, they say, it happened that way. And Moscow will say nothing like this happens, the Turks killed ours and you can.

Another couch analyst erupted. The truth is for Israel's homeland. How to serve in sofa troops? Thank Vladimir Vladimirovich for not giving orders. Otherwise, Israel would not have planes left.

This means that they have lost the opportunity to strike.

Think, don't think, we'll see.

does it mean blocked? Shot down so many missiles? Or what?

Does Israel know that it was blocked by Iranian shelling of Syria?
Half a year ago there was already the same fairy tale
Russia is not allowed to fire on Israeli aircraft with the C400, because potential buyers will see that the C400 is the same scrap metal as the C300

Is it impossible to reach Israeli airfields?

They made me laugh: "... aggressively tuned aircraft ..."

How is it that the Israeli military cannot be beaten, but the Israelis can beat the Russians. Are you sure about your statement??? The answer will fly in any case, but the Jews will not write.

There is no information in the Israeli media on this matter. I don’t think that Russia will expose its military to the Israeli Air Force. Israel's goal is to keep Iranian weapons out of Syria. There is no other goal. I do not think that the presence of the Russian military will stop Israel.



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