Russian military block Americans in Syria with a new military base

Russian troops begin to deploy a new military base in Syria, blocking the presence of Americans here.

A few days ago, unnamed sources in the Syrian army reported that Russia was planning to deploy a new military facility in the eastern part of the Arab Republic. As it turned out, the recent patrolling by the Russian military of the eastern part of Syria is connected with this fact, and, according to a number of data, the key reason for the deployment of a new military base is the blocking of oil smuggling from Syria and the obstruction of any movement of American troops to the west.

“Soon, American troops in the east of Syria, and more precisely on the border of the Syrian Arab Republic with Iraq, will have“ friendly ”neighbors in the area of ​​Semalka. On May 26 and 27, 2020, Russian servicemen, having traveled past the Tel-Kochek US military base, arrived on the Syrian-Iraqi border with the goal of reconnaissance before the construction of a new Russian military facility. The Russian military base should prevent the flow of smuggling between the countries, ensure the safety of local residents, and also complicate the export of Syrian oil ”- reports "Telegram" -the community "War Journal".

If the information on this score is true, then, according to experts, for the further stay of the American military in the region, there may be far from the best prospects, which does not exclude the likelihood that the Russian troops will completely clamp down on the Americans, forcing them to leave the territory of the Arab Republic.

There are no official comments on this subject from the Russian defense department yet.

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