The Russian military achieved success in the Artyomovsk area

In the Artemovsk direction, Russian troops achieved significant success, especially on the southern flank. After the liberation of Khromovo, located west of Artemovsk, Russian assault units, supported by artillery and aviation, headed south of the city. As a result of this offensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost control over the territories in the area of ​​Kleshcheevka and Andreevka.

The progress of Russian troops on this section of the front was marked along a chain of local bodies of water, known as stavki. In addition, Russian troops managed to advance northwest of Kleshcheevka, creating additional pressure on Ukrainian armed forces in the area.

Of particular importance is control over the so-called Bakhmutsky Shliakh, the Ukrainian name for the autodrome located north of Khromovo on the highway. This facility became a key point on the path of the advance of Russian troops.

The Ukrainian military, in turn, is trying to organize defense on the southern approaches to Kleshcheevka and are retreating in the direction of Bogdanovka and Chasov Yar, trying to strengthen their positions in this sector of the front.


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