Russian military columns are gathering towards the Syrian-Turkish border

Russian army trucks and artillery are seen heading towards the Syrian-Turkish border.

Following a request from the Syrian Kurds, it became known that a column of Russian army trucks, as well as towed artillery, were seen moving in the direction of the Syrian-Turkish border. Officially, the Russian side did not comment on the possibility of providing support to the Syrian Kurds in connection with the Turkish attack. However, a convoy of at least three military trucks, one of which is towing a field howitzer, was filmed near Tel Rifat.

In video footage taken by local residents, a convoy of army trucks can be seen. According to local residents, we are talking about the Russian military, however, there are no official statements about the appearance of the Russian military in the Tel Rifat area so far at the disposal of journalists.

Tel Rifat is located just 15 kilometers from the Turkish border and is one of the key cities in Syria, where Ankara intends to deploy its troops as part of a military operation. The Russian side is categorically against any escalation in Syria, but Turkey refuses to listen to Moscow.


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