Russian warships and a Chinese missile cruiser approached the United States within the distance of missile strikes

A group of Russian warships and ships of the Chinese Navy approached the US borders at a missile strike distance.

At the moment, the ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy are at a distance of less than 140 kilometers from the territorial waters of the United States. The appearance of several warships here caused great panic in the United States, since today Washington is far from being on the best of terms with either Moscow or Beijing, while Russia and China are very good allies. It is noteworthy that at a similar distance from US territory, Russian and Chinese ships are capable of delivering precision strikes using missile weapons.

The US Coast Guard reports that in total we are talking about seven warships - three ships of the PLA Navy and four ships of the Russian Navy. Moreover, there is also an unidentified submarine, whose belonging to one side or another has not yet been clarified.

“According to the US Coast Guard, three ships of the Chinese Navy and four warships of Russia were spotted 139 km north of Kiska Island in the Aleutian Islands. The warships, including a Chinese missile cruiser and a Russian destroyer, were sailing in the same formation, but after being discovered by a US Coast Guard patrol ship, they broke formation and took different courses, it follows from the message. Although the movement of ships complied with international rules and regulations, the US needs assurances that US interests will not be affected in the maritime zone around Alaska, said Commander of the 17th US Coast Guard District, Rear Admiral Nathan Moore., according to the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency.

At the moment, the circumstances of the appearance of Russian warships and ships of the PLA Navy off the coast of the United States remain unknown, however, the situation is clearly very frightening to Washington.


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