Russian warships unexpectedly moved towards the Baltic Sea

After NATO threats, Russia sent a group of warships to the Kaliningrad region.

Frank threats from NATO about its readiness to unleash a war with Russia and the Alliance's refusal to comply with Russian requirements for providing security guarantees forced Russia to react harshly to this, as a result of which a group of warships moved towards the Baltic Sea and the Kaliningrad region. According to the current assumptions of experts, the appearance in the region of three large landing ships of the Russian Navy at once is the first step in the adoption of military measures against the West, about which earlier claimed Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko.

According to the "Operative Line" Telegram channel, a group of three large landing ships is transporting some heavy cargo, which may be weapons in response to the disrupted NATO talks in Brussels.

“Residents living on the shores of the Baltic straits note that yesterday they saw a detachment of large amphibious ships of the Northern Fleet, fully loaded with something, as part of the large landing craft“ Pyotr Morgunov ”,“ Olenegorsky miner ”and“ George the Victorious ”, following from the North Sea to direction to the Kaliningrad region (correct.) It is possible that the transition of three large landing ships of the Northern Fleet to the Baltic Sea is directly related to the military-technical measures that the Russian Ministry of Defense is already taking in response to NATO actions ", - said in the published message.

At the moment, there is no data on preparations for the exercise. In this regard, experts believe that we can really talk about the transfer of weapons to the Kaliningrad region. Moreover, we can talk about the same tanks, operational-tactical missile systems, air defense systems, electronic warfare systems, etc.

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Yes, Russia wants to live without shackles, and this, from the point of view of NATO, is a crime

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