Russian warships dispersed American and Ukrainian military in their own exercises

Russian warships blocked the areas of the US-Ukrainian exercises off the coast of Crimea.

A few days ago, the news agency reported that to ensure the security of the Crimean peninsula, all southern approaches to the Crimea were blocked for flights and the passage of ships. Subsequently, Ukraine decided to escalate the situation and announced that it would carry out strikes as part of its own exercises with the United States, in one of the areas where Russian warships could be located, however, the Russian fleet moved to the area where the ships were supposed to be. The Ukrainian Navy and the US Navy, and forced these forces to leave the area, further fortifying Crimea from the western direction.

In the photo provided by the Telegram-community “Voenniy Obozrevatel”, one can see that Russia has set up additional closed zones that “covered” the positioning areas of American and Ukrainian warships. In the same zones, it is planned to conduct firing by the Russian fleet. In this connection, all responsibility in the event of their violation will lie with Kiev and Washington.

At the moment, it is known that the Russian military has closed almost all approaches to the peninsula and, in the event of any provocations, are ready to act very harshly to suppress potential opponents.