Russian warships armed with Caliber cruise missiles set up an unexpected raid on the only French aircraft carrier

Russian frigates dealt with the French carrier strike group missiles "Caliber".

Three Russian military frigates of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, previously seen in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, worked out the destruction of the French carrier strike group, led by the only Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in service with France. Destruction, in all likelihood, was carried out by Caliber cruise missiles, which demonstrated the highest efficiency, including in a real combat situation.

“Three frigates of the Black Sea Fleet, which are part of the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, repelled a missile attack of a conditional enemy and used Caliber complexes against it, the press service of the fleet said. "The naval strike group <...> consisting of three frigates" Admiral Grigorovich "," Admiral Makarov "and" Admiral Essen "performed rocket and artillery firing at sea and air targets <...>. According to the teachings, the detachment of conditional enemy ships launched a missile attack on the detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet, ”the BSF reports to TASS. The sailors carried out on conditional cruise missiles the electronic launches of the Shtil-1 complex missiles, after which they conventionally used the Caliber strike complexes. At the final stage, the crews worked out joint maneuvering, conducted exercises on communications, anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense of a squad of ships at the transition ", - about it сообщает Edition "Sight".

At the moment, it is known that in this area there is only a French carrier strike group, in connection with which it was the French warships that obviously played the role of the enemy.

So, in your opinion, all 40 aircraft simultaneously flew into the air ?! They didn’t think about how long it would take to launch the second and subsequent aircraft ?! How long do they last in the air for the first time to "put together a strike group." How far will the “object” be that this strike will be delivered ?! And will a ship with strike weapons be waiting ?!

And where will they come back? To the water! :-)

anywhere! if you want, to Italy, if you want, to Cyprus, if you want, to Turkey, if you want, to Israel. But the ships will not have to return, nowhere

According to wartime standards, the aircraft is designed for one flight. And these are the norms when I served 1979-81.

Enough. Since on our vessels a lot of exactly anti-shipments. They have an aircraft carrier with a weakly armed airfield. Because of this, AUG is with him. All our ships are single. And armed with the most "I do not want." Because of loneliness. The first time that "Varyag" to portray?

The aircraft will have nowhere to return.

Hinting at Russia? But what about the Kuznetsov? In general, in recent years, air defense systems have been developing much faster than aviation itself. It is believed that if the pace of development continues, then after a couple of years the areas covered by air defense systems will become not only dangerous for enemy aircraft, but simply impassable.
This will significantly reduce the effectiveness of aviation and, as a result, the benefits of aircraft carriers.

No one...

Mena so kaaaaazhatsya that this is a secret agreement between the GDP and Macron !!! After all, it was not for nothing that they talked on the phone before they switched from empty to empty on the G20! Moreover, Trump (the agent of the Kremlin) constantly gives material for TRAINING by sending his ships to the Black Sea !!!

True, an aircraft carrier is an attack tool, but very effective and with great reach. Imagine what enemy naval aviation can do with our frigates, where coastal aviation cannot reach and missile systems are not covered ... If an aircraft carrier or its escort detects enemy ships earlier, they will fly up to 40 (at Charles De Gaulle ) aircraft, this battle can be considered completed.

Why do we need an aircraft carrier if we work perfectly from the shore. An aircraft carrier is needed to capture someone else’s territory

Aircraft carrier is a large sedentary target that can easily be destroyed either by aviation or missile cruisers with hypersonic weapons !!! The aircraft carrier’s air defense is not designed to deal with such an enemy, and for this he goes under the cover of other ships as part of an aircraft carrier group !!! But they do not have the means to destroy hypersonic maneuvering targets !!! Admiral Kuznetsov after modernization will have on board the means to deal with hypersonic targets and much more that the enemy still does not need to know about !!!

Why do we need it?

Do you need one? An aircraft carrier is a fraternal sarcophagus for a large number of people.

Someone has “Caliber”, but the French have at least one “Caliber”.

And they will have enough of all the full ammunition to guarantee the destruction of an aircraft carrier in the face of enemy opposition ?!

Yeah, there are cartoons!

This one, which does NOT have ONE aircraft carrier, has something from which aircraft carriers will sink together.

Why do you need it in the Black Sea? Raven scare? Or to be? From Crimea, the entire water area is under control.

Well, the French have at least one aircraft carrier, but someone does not have one))