Russian warships stormed into Swedish territorial waters to take a shortcut

Two Russian warships cut their way through Swedish territorial waters.

The Swedish Defense Ministry accused Russia of two Russian navy warships having violated the kingdom's territorial waters a few hours ago, ignoring warnings. The warships of the Russian navy allegedly went ahead and remained in Swedish waters for about 11 minutes.

“Two warships of the Russian Navy entered Swedish territorial waters on September 14, said the head of the Swedish Defense Ministry Peter Hultkvist, on September 23 Swedish TV4 reported. According to the Swedish Minister of Defense, two Russian warships were in Swedish territorial waters for 11 minutes. The incident, according to the channel's source, allegedly occurred in the area of ​​the city of Gothenburg. The Swedish military said that it was possible to contact the Russian ships by radio after which they left the territorial waters of Sweden. The Swedish government and Russian diplomats were informed about the incident. ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency "Krasnaya Vesna".

At the moment, it remains unknown exactly how far the Russian warships have delved into the territorial waters of Sweden, while the Russian side has not yet confirmed this fact, which raises some doubts, especially since this is far from the first time when Europe openly lies about violations of their borders by Russian planes and warships.

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