Start of a rocket


Russian warships fired rockets near Israeli borders

Russian warships fired several rockets near the borders of Israel.

According to the Israeli news agency 9tv, Russian warships fired rockets at Israeli borders, in particular, the Caliber cruise missiles. ”

“Admiral Makarov, a frigate of the Russian Navy, conducted training firing in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, using Caliber cruise missiles”, - informs the information publication.

How far from the Israeli borders was the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov was not reported, however, experts say that this obviously happened near the territorial waters of Syria and Lebanon, and therefore, claims to the Russian Navy are unfounded.

It should be noted that despite the difficulties arising from striking militants and terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib, Russian warships do not use Caliber cruise missiles, which raises a number of serious questions for experts.

“Russian warships could well work out attacks on terrorists, and not just launch missiles at a conditional enemy. On the other hand, this may be due to existing risks for the local population ”, - the expert marks.