Mine with ICBM


Russian military could disable US nuclear ballistic missile

The unsuccessful launch of an American nuclear ICBM was linked to Russian anti-satellite weapons.

A few days ago it became known that the next test of the American intercontinental ballistic missile ended in a loud failure. It is known that the launch was unexpectedly interrupted, which, according to a number of assumptions, may be due to the loss of the signal from the satellite, which was supposed to control the flight path of the ICBM.

“A test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California was interrupted prior to launch. The reason for the interruption of the launch is currently being investigated and the Air Force Global Strike Command is evaluating the possibility of postponing the launch. "- said in the message.

Today, Russia is armed with highly effective anti-satellite weapons, both lethal, which allows you to hit spacecraft, and non-lethal - we are talking about electronic warfare systems. Experts do not exclude that such weapons could indeed have been used against the American satellite, especially since quite recently the United States expressed serious concerns that Russia could use such weapons for such purposes.

At the moment, this is just one of the assumptions, while, obviously, Washington will not want to disclose all the details, even if the reason was precisely this, as this will instantly demonstrate the vulnerability and even uselessness of US nuclear weapons.

For such heroic deeds, Bashirov and Petrov, I'm not even talking about medals, were not even awarded the "TRP - 1st stage"! England was hunted as a "newcomer", in the Czech Republic, the fighting efficiency was undermined, and what else two never aging travelers will think of is not known.

Presumably there are such opportunities ... EW why not ...!

Finally, Petrov and Bashirov got down to business