Russian military began modernization of the Su-57 fighter

The Russian fifth generation fighter will be modernized.

The Russian military has begun creating a modernized version of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. So, according to the data voiced by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov, we are talking about the creation of a two-seater combat vehicle, and, obviously, this will allow the Russian fighter to use guided weapons and drones more efficiently.

“There is interest in this machine and, in my opinion, it will grow from year to year as our Russian army is saturated with this model. Foreign customers first observe how one or another type of weapon of the RF Armed Forces behaves. The plans of the Ministry of Defense and the Sukhoi Design Bureau are to manufacture a two-pilot cockpit, which will expand export demand for this model. It can create additional demand "- said Borisov.

At the moment, it remains unknown when exactly such a project will be implemented, however, experts believe that this will take no more than 2-3 years - during this time, the Su-57 fighter is planned to be finally transferred to the second stage engine, and, obviously, to arm the aircraft unmanned aerial vehicles.

It should be noted that India and China had previously expressed interest in the two-seat version of the Russian Su-57, and it is obvious that the development of an upgraded version of the Su-57 is due to the desire of Russian aircraft manufacturers to attract foreign buyers.