The Russian military launched 14 missile and bomb attacks on Ukrainian military positions

According to information provided by Dmitry Shepelyavtsev, an officer of the press center of the West group, to RIA Novosti, the Russian military carried out 14 missile and bomb attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian military. The strikes were carried out on temporary deployment points of the 21st, 30th, 41st, 60th mechanized and 68th Jaeger brigades, as well as territorial defense units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The targets of the attack were the settlements of Peschanaya, Stelmakhovka, Pershetravnevoe, Petropavlovka and Stepovaya Novoselovka.

Also, as part of the counter-battery fight, the artillery units of the group attacked the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kislovka, Berestovoy, Novoselovsky and Urochishche Krinichki.

The day before, Shepelyavtsev also reported that two groups of Ukrainian saboteurs in the Kupyansk direction were discovered and liquidated within 2 hours. During the operation, the 3SXNUMX Akatsiya howitzer was destroyed. These actions are part of an ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.


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