The Russian military launched rocket attacks on the positions of the French Caesar self-propelled guns

The Russian military launched attacks on the position area of ​​​​the French Caesar self-propelled guns.

During the attempts of the Ukrainian military to strike at the positions of the allied forces with the help of the French Caesar self-propelled guns, the Russian military managed to accurately determine their deployment area and, after only a few minutes, powerful blows were dealt to the positions of the Ukrainian artillery. This is evidenced by the corresponding video frames taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle.

On the published video frames, you can see the deployment area of ​​two Ukrainian Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts at once, which were previously transferred to the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by France. Thanks to the exact location of the self-propelled guns, missile attacks were launched on them, which the Ukrainian military clearly did not expect. Judging by the video footage, at least one of the three self-propelled artillery installations located in the positional area was damaged, although a number of sources claim that during the attack one of the howitzers was successfully destroyed by the first hit.

According to a number of sources, the French Caesar self-propelled guns were on Kubansky Island and carried out shelling of Snake Island. This implies that the video footage was filmed months ago, as the Russian military officially left Zmeiny Island on June 30th.

Kyiv does not officially comment on information about the total number of lost Caesar self-propelled guns, however, according to some reports, we are talking about at least 4 lost self-propelled howitzers.


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