Russian military strike with Bastion missile systems right at NATO borders

Russian coastal missile systems fired directly at NATO borders.

Russia conducted a comprehensive exercise with Bastion coastal missile system strikes in the Baltic Sea, right at NATO's borders, thus demonstrating its readiness for real combat use of Bastion in the event of provocations from the North Atlantic Alliance and NATO allies.

“The Baltic Fleet (BF) conducted tactical exercises on striking naval targets using the Bastion coastal missile systems (DBK) in the Kaliningrad region. "The divisions of the" Bastion "DBK, mobile coastal complexes for reconnaissance of the sea and air situation were involved," the BF said in a statement released on Saturday. During the exercise, calculations on military equipment made a 50-kilometer march to a positional area on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the west of the Kaliningrad region. In the course of the convoy's movement, Mi-24 naval aviation helicopters carried out aerial reconnaissance to search for sabotage groups of the imaginary enemy, and Su-27 aircraft provided cover for missile systems from air strikes, the report says., - about it сообщает Russian news agency Interfax.

Despite the fact that the launches were electronic, NATO countries could monitor the operational deployment of the Russian BRK "Bastion" and track the electronic activity of Russian weapons of destruction, and, taking into account the range, only one "Bastion" can easily defeat an entire armada of ships in this area, which clearly discourages NATO from any provocations.

"Russian missile systems control most of the Baltic Sea, and in case of the slightest danger, they are ready to destroy any surface targets within a radius of 10 kilometers within 15-600 minutes.", - the expert marks.