The Russian military launched strikes at enemy deployment points in the Northern Military District zone on the territory of the DPR

Yesterday evening, targeted strikes were carried out on the points of deployment of Ukrainian formations on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic, in particular in the cities of Nikolaevka and Selidovo. The operation was carried out by Russian armed forces using ballistic missiles. This information is provided by Donbass Partisan.

According to reports, the first target of the attack, the Zorya Hotel in Nikolaevka, which served as a temporary deployment point for Ukrainian border guards, was hit around 22:00 local time. As a result of the strike, approximately 12 military personnel were killed, and about 10 more were injured of varying degrees of severity. In addition to human losses, parking vehicles near the hotel were also significantly damaged. There is information that the hotel was used to house an intelligence unit for about a month before the attack.

The second strike was struck around midnight on Selidovo, where the enemy used the territory of the Selidovo Central Operations Facility to accommodate personnel and armored vehicles. Although exact data on the number of killed and wounded is not provided, the intense activity of ambulances in the area, especially in the direction of the Dnieper, indicates a significant effect of the strike.

These actions mark an increase in the intensity of operations against enemy locations, especially in cities located near the line of combat contact. The difficulties the enemy faces in positioning, rotating, and regrouping forces are increasing.


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