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Russian military did not evacuate Ukrainians from Afghanistan

The Ukrainians were not evacuated from Afghanistan by Russian military aircraft.

Despite the fact that the Russian military was instructed to evacuate citizens of Russia and the CSTO countries, as well as citizens of Ukraine from the Kabul International Airport, it became known that the latter were not allowed on board Russian aircraft, although Ukrainian citizens were on the evacuation lists. According to some reports, this is due to the refusal of the Ukrainian side to subsequently accept evacuated citizens from the territory of Russia, although there is still no official confirmation of this.

“The Ukrainians did not board the flights of the Russian Defense Ministry that evacuated citizens of several countries from Kabul. This was announced by a source familiar with the situation. “There is no information on the export of Ukrainian citizens from Afghanistan on Russian planes. The Ukrainians signed up, but did not come, "- said the source of the publication", - reports the Russian edition "".

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At the same time, it became known this morning that an Il-76 military transport aircraft, presumably the Ukrainian Air Force, has landed at the Kabul International Airport, which, most likely, flew in to pick up the Ukrainians who remained in Afghanistan.

"The rating of the Ukrainian authorities is already within the margin of error, and if it turns out that Russian planes were involved in the evacuation, although Kiev can do it on its own, then a loud scandal is inevitable.", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that the Russian side has not yet commented on the information that has appeared in this regard.

That's right, one can say half of the country is scoundrels, not a single nation has killed its compatriots like that, history since the time of the Hetmanate proves this.

and they lied! Everyone was taken to Moscow for thanks, and from there to their homes for their

You're lying. took out everyone and the Ukrainians too

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Crafty title.

A strange headline, provocative. So did the Russian pilots refuse or did they themselves refuse to fly?

You don't have to mess with the Ukrainians, they are not grateful. Then they will lie and will not say thank you.

60 minutes, don't look? They clearly said that the Ukrainians at the last moment, themselves, refused to be evacuated on our plane.



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