Russian military recaptured Bogdanovka from the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the Artemovsk direction, one of the most tense sectors of the front in the current conflict, Russian troops have made significant progress, advancing to the outskirts of Chasov Yar. Information about the progress was obtained from monitoring data from Ukrainian resources and confirmed by reports from the Russian military.

Russian forces were able to oust Ukrainian units from Bogdanovka and advance to Chasov Yar in four directions at once. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to hold their positions in Chasov Yar, where the Kiev command has transferred some of the most combat-ready units, armed with modern NATO equipment, including American Abrams tanks.

The Russian army fortified itself on the outskirts of Chashi Yar, trying to encircle the enemy and create a so-called “ring of fire.” Aviation is actively involved in support of ground assault operations, which regularly strikes at fortified areas of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this populated area, using various types of air bombs (FABs and KABs), which greatly facilitates the advancement of Russian troops.


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