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Russian military fired on Kurds attacking military patrol in northern Syria

The Russian military had to open fire on Kurds attacking a military convoy in northern Syria.

Another attack by Kurdish military units on a convoy of Russian military in northern Syria forced Russian troops to resort to the use of firearms. The incident was captured on video.

It is known that the Kurdish armed groups, using Molotov cocktails, tried, tried to burn the Russian armored car, which is presented on the corresponding video frames.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of sound in the video, experts drew attention to the Russian soldier with a machine gun in his hands, and the billowing dust from the shots (12-second second video - approx.ed.), Which, obviously, had to be scared away by the attackers.

Given the proximity of one of the attackers to the Russian military, it is clear that the fire was warning, although given that the Russian military was completely officially involved in patrolling the area, such an attack could have been determined completely differently, however, experts say, this is obviously about artificially created provocation.