Aircraft AWACS A-50


Russian military sent A-50 flying radar to Syria

The Russian "flying radar" A-50 again went to Syria.

A long-range radar detection aircraft A-50 of the Russian Aerospace Forces took off a few hours ago from the airbase in Ivanovo and headed for Syria. The sending of a "flying radar" to the Middle East is due to the destabilization of the situation in northern Syria, which is expressed in several attempts by pro-Turkish jihadists to launch an assault on the city of Ain Issa.

According to preliminary data, the A-50 aircraft will have to assess the situation in the region and will probably be used to coordinate strikes on the positions of the jihadists, in the event that the latter attempt to capture Ain Issa, while the possibility of strikes across the entire northern part of the Arab republic is not excluded , which for the current coin is under the control of militants and the Turkish military, since Ankara does not fulfill the previously achieved conditions to stabilize the situation in the region.

A day earlier, the Russian Armed Forces sent additional forces to Ain Issa, including several military trucks and armored vehicles, apparently preparing to confront the jihadists, although no official statements on this matter from the Russian defense department have yet been received.