The Russian military repelled one of the largest drone attacks in history

The Russian military repulsed a massive attack by eighteen UAV drones at once.

Russian air defenses demonstrated a unique coherence in Ukraine, repelling perhaps one of the most massive attacks involving unmanned aerial vehicles in history. According to official data, 18 unmanned aerial vehicles of various types were destroyed in just a few hours - Russian systems simply did not leave a single chance for drones.

“Russian air defense systems destroyed eighteen Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles during the night over Novaya Basanya, Sands, Boryspil, Shchors, Vishneva, Kryukovka, Petrovsky”, - Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, said during the next briefing.

Despite the fact that all the drones were detected in different areas, taking into account approximately the same time of their detection, experts believe that this is a targeted, planned attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And, apparently, this is indeed one of the most massive drone attacks officially confirmed in history.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that Russian air defense systems have demonstrated the highest efficiency, repulsing even such a large attack by Ukrainian troops.


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