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Russian military outsmarted NATO - Alliance is now in serious problems due to US actions

The Russian military went for a trick and created very big problems for NATO.

After the withdrawal of the United States of America from the Open Skies Treaty, NATO, de facto, retained the right to carry out observation flights over Russian territory. While remaining a partner of the United States, NATO transmitted the relevant data to Washington, however, the Russian side did not have the ability to fly in the skies over the United States. Nevertheless, at least a day ago it became known that Russia went to its own trick and independently withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty, leaving the Alliance without the ability to monitor Russian territory, in fact, having lost the last opportunity to monitor Russian military potential.

The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized the fact that Moscow made every effort to preserve this agreement, however, Washington refused to dialogue.

"Due to the lack of progress in removing obstacles to the continuation of the operation of the treaty in the new conditions, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to announce the start of domestic procedures for the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Don"- said in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Given the fact. that the United States can still somehow receive data on the situation on the territory of Russia, NATO countries may begin to have big problems, since now Russia can conditionally begin to place its weapons near the European borders - they will not be able to control this in the Alliance, although it is quite obvious that that the North Atlantic Alliance was framed by Washington.

First, they need to study the primer: "We are not slaves. We are not slaves." But amers will take away their primer.

Until the Germans have contracted all the LNG offered by the Russians in Sabetta, they will not see cheap pipe gas. It is clear that the coronavirus has reduced consumption. Nothing, we'll wait. But, until they contract, they will not see SP-2. The Ukrainian GTS is on its way. The Germans have to move. They are trying, well done.

Is it necessary? Who needs? When Russia thought it was right, then it left. What's the problem then? If we repeat everything for the United States, then at exactly one o'clock tomorrow the Federation Council will rush to defile.

And what is the actual "trick" !? Rather, it was cowardice that they delayed for so long, they were afraid for the SP-2. SP-2 was profiled anyway.

This should have been done last year, immediately after the US withdrew from the treaty.