Tank destroyed


The Russian military destroyed its newest tank by mistake

The Russian military confused targets and destroyed their newest tank.

Under unknown circumstances, in which representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are currently trying to figure it out, due to a mistake by the military, the newest Russian T-90 tank was destroyed. According to the data at the disposal of the Avia.pro agency, having received target designation, Russian servicemen destroyed their own combat vehicle, and, according to experts, the missile was not supposed to destroy a heavy tank.

In the presented footage, you can see that the missile fired from the anti-tank missile system could not penetrate the tank's armor, although it did hit exactly, however, the combat vehicle received critical damage - according to sources, the turret turning mechanism, engine, chassis and inside the tank were damaged equipment. Whether the tank can be restored is currently unknown.

“According to some reports, anti-tank missile systems were used during the military exercises, including the Konkurs ATGM with the 9M113M ATGM. On social networks, it is reported that during the exercise, the Konkurs ATGM missile hit a tank involved in the exercise. The photo shows that the combat vehicle was seriously damaged, while there was no armor penetration, but there was obvious damage to the hinged elements of the tank's protection. The network notes that the lateral projection of the tank could have been saved from penetration by a spare parts box. This statement is being actively discussed on the network - on the subject of whether this element is really capable of saving the armor of the tank ", - about it сообщает information publication "Military Review".

It should be noted that a video was previously published, which captured the moment of the strike on the T-90 tank of the Syrian Armed Forces - the latter was practically not damaged - the launched rocket bounced off.

In 1990

Well, the rocket is cool ...

The article was clearly written by a narrow-minded person! The article clearly smells like zakazukha with a complete discrediting of our technology !. Firstly, a hit with an obvious non-penetration could not disable the internal equipment! Secondly, the running gear, only the rubber bands on the rollers were burned on the face!. As a rule, even if they burned out, it would not have deprived the tank's progress! Well, it's generally funny to write about the engine and the wedge of the tower !. where is the hit and where is the engine !. And the tower is wedged by fragments !!. Large fragments and displacement of the tower, but from an ATGM which does not have such a high-explosive action as the fragments, the tower will not jam !.

Aha, from above, just where the Blind stands, they know where to shoot

And where is it "newest"? About 10 years ago, maybe it was ...
And in what place was it "destroyed"? We hit the side view, but there was no armor penetration here either ...
The author of this "news" might not have cited quotations that contradict his vision ...

In combat conditions, this tank will not be pierced in this projection ... but in the hatch on the turret roof ... but that's a completely different story.

There was no mistake. Everything went as planned.

Thank God everyone is alive !!!
The rocket has done its job - the tank is immobilized.
The tank has done its job - the crew is intact.
Everything is fine, it also happens.
Here they wrote about the same case among the amers, there seemed to be victims.

Well, what a good tank