Satellite wreckage


Russian military knocked out American military satellite

Russia knocked out an American military satellite.

David Thompson, deputy head of the US space forces for space operations, said that the Russian military, using its unidentified type of laser combat complex, knocked out an American military spacecraft. Thompson probably implies the use of the Peresvet laser complex, which has recently entered service with the Russian army, but its range is very limited, in connection with which Thompson reports another version of the attack.

According to the deputy head of the US Space Force for Space Operations, a small Russian spacecraft was discovered in 2019 that could also use laser weapons against a US satellite.

“According to Thompson, in 2019 Russia allegedly installed a small satellite at such a close distance to the American“ national security satellite ”that the White House did not know whether it was attacking or not. small target, and then fired a shell at it. "It is clear that the Russians were sending us a signal," - said Thompson. ", - the newspaper "" informs.

At the same time, the United States provided absolutely no evidence that this weapon was actually used by Russia, not to mention the fact that today such a weapon capable of hitting targets in space does exist at all.

You can also launch a couple of boxes of nails into orbit. And then the satellites themselves fall.

Petrov with Bashirov

There are still people in Russia who are capable of shooting down enemy satellites by the power of thought ...

Well done, Elon Musk!

Excuse me, are we the chapel too?