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The Russian military received the "Cucumber"

The armed units of the Russian army received a new kamikaze drone, called “Cucumber”. The development of this drone was announced by the Cascade-Ural special training center. The small FPV drone is capable of carrying a payload of up to 2,5 kg and hitting targets at a distance of up to 5 km.

Prototypes of the drone began to be tested in combat conditions in a special operation zone since the end of last year, and the first working prototype was created in April 2023. Currently, drones are supplied to military units in batches of 5-10 pieces. The package includes a control panel, glasses, batteries and a shockproof case.

According to the general director of the center, Anton Fedorovich, the name “Cucumber” was chosen to distinguish it from the more threatening and rude names of drones among opponents and colleagues. The drone, which has plastic green inserts, initially had only numbers and letters in its name, but was later renamed.

The Gherkin measures 7 inches in size and is capable of delivering a payload over a distance of 5 km. Currently, the Cascade-Ural center is working on creating a 10-inch version of this drone, which will also soon appear in the special operation zone.


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