Drone Ghoul Russia Ukraine conflict


The Russian military received the first FPV drones "Ghoul" equipped with thermal imagers

The first batches of innovative FPV drones "Ghoul", equipped with thermal imaging systems, were sent to the special military operation zone. A representative of the manufacturing company announced this in an interview with TASS, emphasizing that the development and improvement of the drone continues actively.

One of the key tasks facing the developers is to ensure the drone can quickly change frequencies, which will allow it to effectively overcome the electronic warfare dome protection, significantly increasing its combat effectiveness. In the future, it is planned to introduce computer vision, which will give the Ghoul the ability to autonomously target and fly to a target.

The Ghoul FPV drone debuted in the special military operation zone in May 2023 and is already being used in various directions of the front. This drone is capable of covering distances from 6 to 12 kilometers at a speed of up to 180 kilometers per hour, and carries on board charges for the RPG-7 grenade launcher, RKG-3M hand-held anti-tank grenades, as well as homemade high-explosive fragmentation charges.

During combat use, the "Ghoul" demonstrated high efficiency, successfully destroying boats with landing forces on the Dnieper, as well as fortifications, dugouts and strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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