The Russian military received the signatures of the HIMARS MLRS missiles - it will become easier to shoot them down

The Russian military received software to increase the effectiveness of hitting American MLRS HIMARS missiles.

Thanks to numerous launches of the HIMARS MLRS, the Russian military was able to successfully obtain the signatures of these targets, which will make the process of detecting and destroying such missiles extremely effective. The signatures were included in the corresponding program, and now the units deployed in the Zaporozhye region use modernized air defense systems to repel attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to RIA Novosti, the new software makes it easier for domestic air defense systems to detect American missiles for the HIMARS MLRS and shoot them down. It is noted that thanks to the updated software, more than ten missiles have already been shot down, although the overall effectiveness of the use of such air defense systems is not disclosed.

Initially, it was believed that the HIMARS systems put into service with Ukraine were ineffective weapons, however, in the process of its use, it turned out that the latter poses a high threat. Nevertheless, the Russian military managed to work out the issues of intercepting such missiles, and taking into account the received signatures and updated software, the repulsion of such attacks may be much higher than has been observed in recent months.


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