Lost torpedo


Russian military lost torpedo during exercise

During the exercise, the Russian military lost a torpedo.

As part of one of the exercises conducted by the Russian fleet in the waters of the Barents or White Sea, the Russian military lost a torpedo. The incident became known after the "loss" was nailed in waves to the outskirts Severodvinskwhere she was discovered by the inhabitants of the city.

The presented photograph shows how a torpedo of an unknown type was discovered by residents of Severodvinsk. The multi-meter munition allegedly washed up in waves directly to the shore, after which local residents reported the find to the Russian military.

Judging by the external state of the found find, the torpedo was lost relatively recently. This does not exclude the possibility that the loss could have occurred during the recent exercises of the Russian fleet in the Arctic. So far, it has not been possible to visually identify the type of torpedo, however, its appearance on the shore greatly alarmed the local residents.

At the moment, no official statements from the command of the Russian Navy regarding the torpedo lost during the exercises have been made. In this case, the ammunition can be both training and combat.

As a rule, in such cases, a practical warhead is placed on the torpedo, instead of explosives such as TGA or MT, there is an alcohol-water solution such as vodka)))) when passing a distance, this solution is displaced by compressed air and the torpedo, accordingly, does not sink (this is the reason that it did not drown and washed ashore)) then a special tug approaches it and takes it to the base for the bulkhead, the torpedo, in principle, can be used in a practical version several times

"... nailed in waves to the outskirts of Severodonetsk ..."
The Ukrainian Armed Forces did not know about this, so the noise would have been about submarines in the steppes of Ukraine ...

Training ammunition. The question is whether it is disposable or not. If it is disposable, then nothing surprising.