Russian military prepared a trap for thousands of Turkish terrorists

The retreat of the Russian military from Ain Issa is a trap for terrorists.

The militants' unsuccessful attempts to gain control over the Syrian city of Ain Issa were mainly associated with the deployment of a group of several hundred Russian troops there. About a day ago, it became known about the evacuation of the Russian and Syrian military from this region. This opens up an opportunity for terrorists to attack, however, as experts say, it looks very much like a trap for several thousand militants.

Russian troops could leave the areas of Ain Issa in order to lure several thousand terrorists into open areas and destroy them with operational strikes, and not only with the means of the Russian Aerospace Forces, but also with tactical missile systems and cruise missiles. If Russian and Syrian troops continued to be in the region, which, according to Turkish resources, were put to flight, then these forces could come under attack.

“Thousands of militants are currently preparing to attack Ain Issa. As soon as the latter reach the open area, Russia will quickly strike. In the absence of shelter, with just a few strikes it will be possible to instantly destroy several thousand militants, armored vehicles, etc. Russia has already warned Turkey that it will not allow any offensive in Syria and if Turkish troops also attack, then the latter should also prepare for large-scale losses ", - the expert marks.

The Russian side has not yet confirmed the fact of the withdrawal of its forces from Ain Issa, however, judging by the video footage, the last Russian servicemen left the region.