Russian military rammed Ukrainian drone

The Russian military successfully destroyed a large attack hexacopter of Ukrainian troops using a small reconnaissance drone. RIA Novosti reports this with reference to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

An unusual aerial ramming occurred near Artemovsk and was carried out by a UAV operator from the Far Eastern Separate Airborne Guards Unit. According to the Russian military, a Ukrainian Baba Yaga-class hexacopter was spotted at dusk returning to its positions after dropping four mines on Russian positions. The Russian UAV operator made several attempts to damage the propellers of the Ukrainian drone with his drone, one of which was successful.

As a result of an air ram, a Ukrainian hexacopter fell on territory controlled by Russian troops. Shortly after the incident, a group of Russian paratroopers discovered the downed UAV and brought it in for further study.

It is noted that Ukrainian troops have begun to more actively use large UAVs, popularly nicknamed “Baba Yaga.” Originally intended for agricultural use, these drones have been converted by the Ukrainian military and can now carry up to six mines over a distance of 12 kilometers.


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