The Russian military conducted a unique maneuver against the militants in Idlib

As a result of the distracting maneuver of the Russian military, terrorists suffer huge losses.

The process of releasing the province of Idlib captured by the militants forced the Russian and Syrian military to change the tactics of warfare. Instead of launching attacks on terrorists from the south and south-east, as previously reported, the militants received multiple air, missile and artillery attacks from the north-east direction, as a result of which the terrorists began to suffer serious losses and were cut off from large units in the south.

According to information resources, the day before, Russian military aircraft and the Syrian army launched a large-scale attack in the Syrian Aleppo region. The reason for this was the recent transfer of terrorist forces to the southern direction of Idlib, as a result of which part of Aleppo province was almost completely free from militants.

It is assumed that in the near future the Syrian army may launch an attack on the M-5 highway area, however, it is possible that the militants could simply take the encirclement, and only then destroy large terrorist groups, freeing up the occupied settlements.

According to some reports, over the past 72 hours, the Russian and Syrian military conducted almost 2 thousand ground and air attacks.