Russian military spoke about children's vulnerabilities of American Abrams

In a recent publication by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram, the story of an FPV drone operator with the call sign Rassvet, who participated in the destruction of an American Abrams tank near Avdeevka, was told. The soldier described how the first drone hit the rear of the tank, under the turret, which led to its immediate stop, and the second drone completely disabled the combat vehicle. This success was achieved due to the tank's slow movement across open ground, making it an easy target to attack.

The incident occurred on March 3 in the area of ​​the village of Berdychi, where Russian soldiers with the call signs Kolovrat and Rassvet not only knocked out an Abrams tank, but also destroyed several pieces of equipment of the Ukrainian troops, including a second tank of the same type. These developments highlight the high effectiveness of drones in modern conflicts, especially when adversaries rely on the superiority of their heavy armored vehicles.

The deliveries of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, which the United States announced earlier, implied strengthening the combat potential of the Ukrainian army. According to press reports, including an article in The Wall Street Journal, Washington has promised to transfer 31 units of these armored vehicles to Kyiv, with the first deliveries beginning in September last year. However, as Ukrainian officials admitted, the presence of these vehicles at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not capable of radically changing the situation at the front.


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