The Russian military dispersed the S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile to a record 7 MAX

The S-350 Vityaz complex was taught to shoot hypersonic anti-aircraft guided missiles.

The latest Russian air defense system has been armed with unique anti-aircraft guided missiles, which in their capabilities are significantly superior to anti-aircraft guided missiles used by Western air defense and missile defense systems. As it became known, the maximum speed of a missile launched on target by a Russian Vityaz reaches 7 MAX - such a revolutionary solution was first applied by the Russian military at medium-range systems.

According to a source, in the framework of the tests, the anti-aircraft guided missile of the latest Russian air defense system was able to intercept a target that had accelerated to a speed of 2500 m / s, which allows you to shoot down targets moving at a speed of more than 7 MAX. In fact, the Russian S-350 Vityaz is inferior in its functionality only to the S-400 Triumph air defense system (among the existing ones - approx. Ed.), Which makes it possible to hit hypersonic aircraft, including those in the United The states of America are only being developed.

“The S-350 anti-aircraft missile system is intended for the defense of administrative and political centers, the most important facilities and regions of the country, troop groups from massive strikes of aerospace attacks, including cruise missiles, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles. Range of destruction of targets - up to 120 km, height of destruction - up to 25 km. Speed ​​of hit targets - up to 2500 m / s "- сообщает Edition of the Ministry of Defense of Russia "Red Star".

According to some reports, at least 350 countries are currently interested in buying the Russian S-10 Vityaz air defense system, and although the relatively short target range certainly does not play in Vityaz’s favor, the 12 hypersonic anti-aircraft guided missiles available will not leave missiles and enemy planes have no chance to dodge.

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