Traffic accidents in Syria


Russian military provoked a large-scale accident in Syria with 15 cars

Syrian media report a large-scale accident provoked by the Russian military.

The Syrian journalists of the National Army Correspondent report that the Russian military, moving along the Baniyas-Tartus highway, provoked a large-scale accident, as a result of which at least 15 vehicles collided. In this case, there are victims.

The photographs presented show the first moments after the incident on one of the busiest highways in Syria. Apparently, the Russian armored car was deployed while driving, as a result of which other vehicles crashed into it. Judging by the photographs, there are victims, however, Syrian journalists did not specify any details on this score.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the incident, however, apparently, Russian armored vehicles were heading in the direction of Idlib - armored vehicles could arrive on board a Russian warship that recently entered the port of Tartus, however, due to the lack of official comments, this data has so far are just a guess.

Whether there is a victim on the Russian side is unknown.