Russian military destroyed a column of French VAB armored personnel carriers

A video has been published showing the results of the destruction of a convoy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) by the Russian army. Video footage shows significant damage to the convoy, which included mostly Western military equipment. It is assumed that the column became a target for Russian artillery while moving.

Video footage available online shows that the wreckage of the French Renault VAB armored personnel carriers, which made up four units of this column, are in a state of complete burning. All of these armored personnel carriers received significant damage. A Ukrainian armored vehicle "Kazak-2" was also destroyed by Russian artillery fire.

Judging by the available information, the Ukrainian unit, which found itself under artillery fire, was able to avoid casualties among its personnel. There have been no reports of dead or wounded servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the moment. However, the technical losses were significant.

All armored vehicles damaged by artillery fire, most likely, cannot be restored. Based on the video footage provided, it can be assumed that the unmanned aerial vehicle was used to locate the convoy before the artillery strike.


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