The Russian military destroyed the AHS Krab self-propelled guns with an accurate strike of the Lancet

A Russian Lancet drone destroyed a $13 million Polish howitzer with one accurate hit.

The self-propelled artillery mount AHS Krab carried out shelling of Russian positions and should have already begun to withdraw, but its location was noticed by Russian military personnel, after which a kamikaze drone was sent to the area where the howitzer was deployed.

In the video footage, you can see how the Lancet drone delivers a powerful blow to a self-propelled artillery mount with just one accurate hit. The crew is trying to take the howitzer, already in flames, to their positions, although soon a huge plume of fire is already stretching behind the artillery installation.

When the situation became critical, the driver and commander of the combat vehicle managed to leave the self-propelled guns. However, after a few more moments, the detonation of the ammunition occurs, as a result of which the howitzer was torn into small fragments, which is also captured on video frames.

Remarkable is the fact that the video footage just captures the tactics of using their self-propelled guns by the Ukrainian military. In particular, we are talking about shooting ammunition, which takes only a few minutes. After that, the ACS changes its position, however, in this case, the Polish howitzer, worth 13 million dollars, was destroyed.


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