Night strike


Russian military in Syria intercepted Israeli missiles

An attempt by the Israeli military to strike Syria was recognized as unsuccessful.

According to a number of data, missiles fired by Israeli fighters towards the Russian military air base "Khmeimim" did not hit the target at all. In fact, as a result of the strike, a small building was destroyed, where there was not even a place for storing Iranian missiles, which experts attributed to opposition from the Russian military.

According to a number of assumptions, due to the fact that the Israeli side not only violated the agreements that existed with Russia on Syria, but also created a threat to the Russian military, electronic warfare systems were used that disrupted the flight path of Israeli missiles, as a result of which the latter did not strike at all on a military facility. Apparently, it was for this reason that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an emergency call to Vladimir Putin, as previously reported by the resource.

According to experts, the Israeli military strike was carried out on satellite guidance and therefore the Russian electronic warfare systems could well transmit fake coordinates, since, in fact, a small civilian factory was destroyed, where the deployment of Iranian weapons is not only ineffective, but also does not have any grounds.

Moreover, taking into account information about another Israeli strike on southern Syria, experts believe that the Israeli military was prevented from using its weapons against Iranian and pro-Iranian forces here, as a result of which the Israeli Air Force chose to use a helicopter for a single strike.

It’s interesting, but if the Jewish missiles after launch, turn around and fly back to the manufacturing plant, what will happen?