MLRS strikes


The Russian military in Syria came under heavy artillery attack. Video

Russian military base fired upon by Syrian terrorists.

A few hours ago, the terrorists of the Syrian Free Army group (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) Attacked a Russian military base in the northwestern part of Hama province.

According to the information provided, a Russian military checkpoint, located near the village of Khayalin, was attacked using heavy artillery. Any information about the material damage and the victims of the terrorists are not given, but there are also no official comments from the command of the Russian military grouping in Syria.

According to experts, by strikes against the Russian military base in the area, the terrorists are trying to clear their way for further counterattacks on the positions of the Syrian government forces.

It should be clarified that earlier members of the Syrian Free Army terrorist group have repeatedly reported attacks on the Russian military in Syria, but this information has not received any confirmation, indicating that the information war has been fought by the militants.