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For the first time, the Russian military repelled a massive strike with hypersonic weapons

The Russian military managed to successfully repel the blow with hypersonic weapons.

Russia, which is currently the only country in the world that has air defense / missile defense systems capable of fighting hypersonic targets, has successfully worked out repelling a large-scale strike using hypersonic weapons. This was implemented as part of a special military exercise held in the Astrakhan region, as reported by representatives of the Russian defense department.

It is known that the Russian military for the first time worked during large-scale exercises to repel a strike with hypersonic weapons. This testifies to the readiness of the Russian military to carry out such tasks, especially with the advent of new air defense / missile defense systems in Russia's armament.

“The exercises of the Air Defense and Missile Defense Forces were held as part of the final annual check of combat readiness, but were subordinate to a single plan. The task was to test the capabilities of the air defense forces to repel a simultaneous massive strike of a potential enemy from several directions. The emphasis of the exercises was placed on combating promising hypersonic weapons, as well as cruise missiles. The fight against traditional targets was also worked out separately: airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles "- reports the publication "Izvestia".

Today, the Russian military has a relatively large arsenal to combat hypersonic targets. In particular, we are talking about the S-400, S-500 complexes, missile defense systems, laser weapons, etc.

Reflected the blow - it sounds alarming, but inspiring. And they repelled the IMITATION of the blow, and, moreover, they themselves imitated it - it is alarming. If a person has a pistol and is ready to use it, the person does not brandish it in the street and does not brag to the first person he meets. But if he has a cucumber in a holster ...