The Russian military captured the American Switchblade drone for the first time, but it is extremely dangerous to use it

The Russian military captured the American Switchblade kamikaze drone for the first time.

A few hours ago, Russian war correspondents published information that the military managed to capture the American Switchblade 300 kamikaze strike drone for the first time. and extremely dangerous.

According to the journalists of the Russkaya Vesna publication, who published photographs of the captured drone in the Telegram channel of the Voenkors of the Russian Spring, the drone was captured by the O group.

“The Courageous captured a batch of American Switchblade kamikaze drones. We are waiting for epic videos of the destruction of Ukrainian armored vehicles and artillery in the Limansky direction by the weapons for which they so prayed", - said in the message.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, despite the rather high manufacturability of this drone, its use poses a significant danger. The key reason for this is the fact that the control systems of the kamikaze drone are controlled through a special control station and any attempts to interfere with the operation of the drone using any other technical means can lead to self-destruction of the drone.

“The Americans obviously made sure that the drone did not fall into the wrong hands. To control the drone, a special station is required and, it is logical to assume that the United States has already blocked the control of the drone, and in case of an attempt to gain access to it in an unauthorized way, the latter may even self-destruct”, - the expert marks.