The Russian military knocked out the Ukrainian Armed Forces from a stronghold near Artyomovsk

Russian troops achieved success in the Artemovsk (Bakhmut) area, where airborne units captured another stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, paratroopers from the Ivanovo formation, with the support of airborne combat vehicles and a tank, carried out a successful assault on Ukrainian positions north of Artemovsk. The operation was previously prepared using drones, which made it possible to accurately determine the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stronghold. An artillery barrage preceded the assault, effectively weakening the defenses of the Ukrainian forces.

During the attack, the paratroopers used small arms and grenade launchers, successfully suppressing the resistance of Ukrainian nationalists. The lack of information about prisoners indicates that all the defenders of the strong point were destroyed. After capturing the strong point, airborne units consolidated their position in new positions.

In addition, it is reported that Russian troops ousted Ukrainian units from Artemovsky (Khromovo), located on the way to Chasovy Yar. The assault groups reached the outskirts of the village, forcing the Ukrainian forces to retreat.


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