Russian military shot down 25 ATACMS missiles in a week

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported significant successes during a special military operation in Ukraine. Over the past week, 67 Ukrainian military personnel, including both ordinary soldiers and officers, surrendered. This fact highlights serious problems with the morale and combat effectiveness of Ukrainian units on the front line.

In addition, Russian aviation and the air defense system (ADS) dealt powerful blows to the military infrastructure and enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC) of Ukraine. As a result of the attacks, important facilities were destroyed, including airfield infrastructure, which was used for basing and servicing Ukrainian military aircraft.

The Russian military also hit two MiG-29 aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. These aircraft played an important role in providing air cover and support for ground operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Their loss is a serious blow to the combat effectiveness of Ukrainian aviation.

Particular attention is paid to the successful actions of Russian air defense, which in a week intercepted and destroyed 25 ATACMS operational-tactical missiles and eight SCALP-EG cruise missiles. These precision-guided missiles pose a significant threat to military and civilian targets, and their destruction demonstrates the high effectiveness of Russian air defense systems.


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