Rocket fall


The Russian military captured at least two dozen American Tomahawk cruise missiles

The Russian military has captured more than 20 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The successful electronic suppression of the American Tomahawk cruise missiles allowed the Russian military to seize at least two dozen such munitions. Most of them received serious damage - the missiles did not explode, but only fell to the ground, however, their general analysis allows the Russian military to successfully suppress American missile strikes.

According to the data available to, during a surprise attack by the American military on the positions of Syrian troops from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Krasukha-4 electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria were able to disable up to 40 cruise missiles, the survivors of which were subsequently successful discovered and taken away by the Russian military for their subsequent study. Taking into account that the Tomahawk cruise missiles are one of the main types of weapons in the service of the American army, Russia can not only develop missile defense systems that allow intercepting such missiles, but also create the most effective weapons that can simply "bring down" missiles, taking into account the used in them protection and suppression of signals of electronics.

It should be noted that earlier Iranian and Syrian sources confirmed the fact of the export of American weapons from Syria to Russia for further study, however, there is no exact data on the number of Tomahawk missiles captured by the Russian military in Syria.

The United States does not have any "advanced missiles". And there are no modern tanks, artillery, air defense air defense systems. They have many anti-aerial drones, the same AUG and nuclear weapons 40-50 years ago on ancient carriers. For the Russian Federation, only strategic nuclear weapons on submarines are dangerous.

How many years ago?

The news that the tomahawks have been "extinguished" is certainly encouraging. But, this type of cruise missile is on par with 20th century missiles. Therefore, it would be good to know the characteristics of modern US missiles. It seems that the changes in them are global, taking into account modern missile defense systems. Well, the United States is in a hurry to use up these missiles faster with a "benefit" for itself.