The Russian military captured the HIMARS missile control system

The Russian military managed to capture the HIMARS missile control system as a trophy.

As a result of the strikes by the Ukrainian military on the Kirovsky district of Donetsk, the Russian military managed not only to successfully shoot down several munitions fired by HIMARS systems, but also to capture the control system of such missiles. The missile control unit, judging by the visual condition, was not damaged at all. This allows you to explore its capabilities and develop a solution to counter attacks using HIMARS systems.

In the photographs presented, you can see the control unit from the M30\M31 missile taken as a trophy by the Russian military. In the picture you can see that the block was not damaged at all. This provides an opportunity for its careful study. However, it is still very difficult to guess what kind of information such a control unit will reveal, although it is obvious that we are talking about a system for guiding missiles to a target and controlling them through special protocols for military satellites and GPS satellites.

To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still continue to use HIMARS systems for attacks, however, the effectiveness of such weapons has seriously decreased.


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